SDG Focus Points For The G20 Health and Development Partnership

Dr M. Ryan (WHO) @JamesTGallagher “We are entering a very new phase of high impact epidemics.“ We agree! Heads of Gov. must ensure that threats of pandemics are tackled quickly. New forms of finance to fund innovations are needed.


Large Ebola outbreaks 'new normal'

The two largest outbreaks of the disease have been in the past five years.

Together with our partners, we are organising a Health 20 Roundtable Conference in the side-lines of this year's G20 summit on 24th June 2019 in Tokyo. Interested? Check our website.

Ready to present our G20 report at the WHO G20 Health Working Group Session. We need to map and scale up innovative financing initiatives that can supplement existing funds for health innovation! @G20Partnership #innovation4health

Thank you Dr Sumi for the great discussions with our Partners today. We commend the Japanese @g20org Presidencies efforts on keeping global health prominent on this year’s agenda. #WHA72 #innovate4health @G20Partnership

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Better Health
For everyone

By the late 1990s, studying developing country needs, the Global Forum for Health Research adopted the term “the10/90” gap to call attention to the fact less than 10% of the worldwide resources devoted to health were put towards health in developing countries, where more than…
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Health Innovation
For everyone

Differences in access to health innovations have always existed. Market forces and government engagement have not been great enough to ensure that these innovative goods are made accessible when and where they are needed, most particularly in the developing countries. 
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Inclusive Partnerships
For everyone

A successful sustainable development agenda requires inclusive partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society at the global, regional, national and local level that are built upon principles and values, a shared vision, and shared goals placing people…
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Innovative Funding for Health
For everyone

There is a dramatic shortfall in current resources needed to achieve sustained progress in health to meet Goal 3 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG3). While infectious diseases are a major health risk in the lower-income countries, the burden of…
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Professor David L. Heymann

Healthy Nations. Sustainable Economies.

How innovation can better ensure health for all.

This report by the G20 Health and Development Partnership sets out to support the need to invest in human capital in terms of global health. It is a holistic approach that blends economies and health so that wealth and the health of nations are united in a new priority for government, society and the economic actors in the rest of the century.

Lord Jim O'NeillChair, Royal Institute of International Affairs Chatham House London
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“It is important to highlight that the treatment of issues such as antimicrobial resistance and the financing of universal health coverage are issues present today in all international health forums and represent a danger to economic stability as a whole.” (G20 Argentina 2018)

The G20 Global Health and Development Partnership is an advocacy organisation that aims to ensure that G20 countries are coordinating their health innovation strategy to tackle the growing burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases globally. The Partnership emerged on an informal basis initially functioning as an informal coalition of like-minded organisations. The Partnership emerged over several months of consultation and policy dialogue that included a lynchpin “G20 Global Health Innovation” roundtable in Berlin on April 28th, 2017. The event brought together a wider eclectic group of experts representing a broad set of international partnerships, with discussions culminating in a Rapporteur’s Report as well as a Call to Action signed by over a hundred individuals and organisations.

Following broad interest to build on the initiative, Sovereign Sustainability and Development (SSD) was created in late 2017 to act as the convener and secretariat of the Partnership. In consultation with a number of key stakeholders and confirmation from the Government of Argentina that health would remain a focus of the G20 under its Presidency, a Working Session was scheduled in the UK Houses of Parliament in December 2017 in order to collectively plot a course for the Partnership.

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