Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the G20 Health & Development Partnership?

The G20 Health and Development Partnership, a group of organisations with common interests and objectives, is an advocacy organisation that aims to ensure that G20 countries are coordinating their health innovation strategy to tackle the growing burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases globally. The Partnership emerged on an informal basis initially functioning as an informal coalition of like-minded organisations – the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (TB Alliance), Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), the Sabin Vaccine Institute, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), PATH, Sovereign Strategy, the Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC), the Global Health Innovative Technology (GHIT) Fund, Unitaid and the Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Biopharmaceutical Accelerator (CARB-X) – that sponsored a “G20 Global Health Innovation” roundtable in Berlin on April 28th, 2017.

What is Sovereign Sustainability and Development?

Sovereign Sustainability and Development (SSD) is a UK private limited company that was created in late 2017 to act as the convener and secretariat of the G20 Global Health and Development Partnership. Following consultation with a number of key stakeholders and confirmation from the Government of Argentina that health would remain a focus of the G20 under its Presidency in 2018, Sovereign Strategy – the organisation that had provided secretarial pro-bono support to the Partnership in 2017 – created a sister company to provide comprehensive management of the Partnership during its consequential phase and to reflect the increasing focus of its mandate and expertise in the sustainable development field.

What are the benefits of joining the Partnership?

Partnership members benefit from being integrated into the mission, vision and strategic objectives as outlined in the Strategic Objectives of the Partnership as outlined under section “G20 Health and Development Partnership”. Partners will have the unique opportunity to raise their excellent work and issues in the collaborative platform that SSD is creating to enable a first-class cross- sectorial dialogue. With the organisation of high-level events throughout its strategic year and the collaborative advocacy strategy, SSD will bring partners together with high-level policymakers, beyond the G20. Partners will have the unique opportunity to continuously contribute to the strategic direction of the Partnership and benefit from the Partnership as a platform which facilitates the pursuit of individual as well as collective objectives.

Who can join the Partnership?

We welcome all organisations (public or private, profit and not-for-profit), companies, research institutes, academic institutes and associations with shared interests and objectives to advance global health to join the Partnership.  

How can my organisation join the G20 Health and Development Partnership?

We welcome the engagement of public, private, not-for-profit and academic organisations from all countries. After submitting a formal request on our G20 HDP website, under the section “Join Us” our team will contact you shortly.

How long does membership last?

Membership fees are based on an annual (12 month) calendar year basis upon being an official member. Different rates apply for the private, public and not-for-profit sectors in high-, middle- and low-income countries. Our rates follow the official work bank classifications.

Do I have to pay a membership fee to join the Partnership?

Yes, there is a membership fee to join the Partnership.

How can I join without paying a fee?

If your organisations falls within the remit of an academic institution, your organisation can join by contributing intellectually to the Partnership.

How are fees used for the G20 Health and Development Partnership?

Membership fees are solely used to ensure that the Partnership is able to pursue its strategic objectives. All funds are invested directly into the management of the Partnership with any deficit covered by the secretariat and any surplus reinvested into the Partnership. No fees are used for direct lobbying purposes.

Are travel expenses to related events covered by fees?

Travel and related expenses are not covered by membership fees for members.

Where can I find out more about the G20 Health and Development Partnership activities?

Please contact Hatice Kücük, Project Director of the G20 Health and Development Partnership

Tel: +44(0)2079306353; Email: with a request for additional information.