As the G20 continues to gain understanding of the importance of healthy populations in the quest for sustainable development and as the UN SDG deadlines approach, the stage is now set, and opportunities exist for even greater innovation. G20 Heads of Government together with Ministers of Finance and Health can help increase the momentum of innovation in global health

The G20 Health & Development Partnership Strategic Objectives & Action

Our mission is to convene global health stakeholders – public-private partnerships, research institutes, international organisations, public sector entities, politicians, philanthropies, think tanks and the private sector – in an inclusive and output-driven Partnership. Harnessing both the power of collective voice and the uniqueness of each member, the Partnership advocates for diversified and increased funding for global health, established through substantial political support and dialogue. To pursue this mission, we focus on four main areas:

Continue the inclusion of health on the G20 agenda to accelerate progress towards United Nation's sustainable development goals (UN SDGs)

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Drive increased political support to increase investments in new vaccines, medicines and diagnostics

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Ensure Good Governance And Promote Health Systems Responsiveness To Disasters, Catastrophes And Pandemics

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Develop partnerships and promote an innovative financing agenda across the G20 nations and beyond

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Placing health at the centre...

Placing health at the centre of sustainable economic development, and recognising that economic development alone is not a guarantee that health inequalities will be decreased

Sensibly applied technology...

Scoping the health technology horizon for gaps that need to be filled in order to lessen inequalities in health and to fulfil SDG3 commitments

Identifying innovative finance...

Recognizing the importance of actively promoting existing and innovative financing models for global health research (R&D), together with upscaling successful partnerships and delivery mechanisms during the Japan G20 presidency, with the engagement of those who benefitted most from globalisation

Inclusive partnership models...

Including foundations, philanthropies and businesses/the pharmaceutical industry together with product development partnerships (PDPs) that all have shared-values as actors in the G20 health dialogue and decision-making process

Global Government support model...

Continuing to engage with governments globally to promote the health of their populations using a mix of traditional, national and international funding together with resources generated by new innovations in health financing

Expert collaboration for innovation

Creating a high-level panel following the 2019 G20 Joint Session of Health and Finance Ministers, in collaboration with the OECD and the World Bank to fully implement these recommendations, with the intention of establishing new long-term ways of funding innovation in health