Global Ambassadors

The Rt Hon. the Lord Jack Cunningham of Felling DL, House of Lords

The Rt Hon. the Lord Cunningham of Felling DL is a member of the House of Lords since 2005. He is currently serving as a member of the Finance Committee and the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee in the House of Lords. He served as the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and the Minister for the Cabinet Office during 1998-1999. Previously, he was the Secretary of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food from 1997-1998. During this time in the Ministry, he embarked on a modernisation programme. He also paved the way for the creation of the disputably independent Food Standards Agency. Lord Cunningham joined the Shadow Cabinet in 1983, and was appointed to be a Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Cumbria in 1991.

As a Global Ambassador of the G20 Health and Development Partnership, I would like to welcome and support the efforts of this initiative in raising the economic and social impact of some of the world’s deadliest diseases on the G20 heads of government, finance- and health ministers’ agenda.

Professor Abdullah Mohammed Aldahmash, Director General, Prince Naif Bin Abdulaziz Health Research Center at King Saud University

Professor Aldahmash is the Director General of  the Prince Naif Bin Abdulaziz Health Research Center and Founder and Director of Stem Cell Unit at King Saud University. He is well-known for his great enthusiasm and passion for entrepreneurships and development in health care and academia. At his current position, professor Aldahmash has established a full ecosystem for medical research at King Saud Medical City. Previously, he was the Chairman of the Anatomy Department at the College of Medicine. Prior to this, he was the executive consultant for the president of King Saud University, Dr Abdullah Alothman during which he led different dedicated teams to establish innovative projects such as the Riyadh Tech Valley, King Abdullah institute for nanotechnology and stem cell unit. He was also appointed as the academic advisor at the Health Affairs Vice Rectorate of the Princess Noura University.

As an initial supporter and now as a Global Ambassador of the G20 Health and Development Partnership, I fully support and welcome the recommendations set out to G20 leaders in various reports. I look forward to discussing them in Saudi Arabia in 2020, where NCDs account for 73% of deaths and constitute a major challenge to the national economy.

Elmar Brok, Member of the European Parliament (MEP), EDD Group, Germany

Elmar Brok has been member of the European Parliament since 1980. Currently, he serves as a member in the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Committee on Constitutional Affairs and the Delegation for relations with India. He served as the member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and was the chair from 1999-2007 and 2012-2017.  He is also a substitute member to the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs and to the Delegation to the United States, where he is a member since 1985 and was chair between 2009-2012. He is co-chair of the Transatlantic Legislators´ Dialogue (TLD) of the European Parliament and the US Congress since 1999 and is Co-Chairman of TPN. He is Deputy Chairman of the World Association of Christian Democrat International (CDI), President of the European Union of Christian Democratic Workers (EUCDW), Chairman of the CDU Federal Committee on European Policy and Chairman of the board of the European Endowment for Democracy (EED).  He is also Member of the CDU Federal Board; Member of the Executive National Council of the CDU NRW and Member of the party executive of the EPP and Co-Chairman of the EPP-foreign minister. Previously, he was EPP representative at the European Parliament Intergovernmental Conferences on the Treaty of Lisbon, EU Constitutional Treaty (2003/2004), Treaty of Nice (2000), Treaty of Amsterdam (1996/97) and on the Council’s Reflection Group preparing the Maastricht Treaty. In 1990, he was Chairman of the EPP in the Special Committee on German Unification. Between 1973-1983, he was Deputy Chairman of the Junge Union, Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Democrat Youth Committee of Europe from 1977 to 1981, Vice Chairman of the International Democrat Union from 1991 to 2003 and Founding Chairman of the International Democrat Youth Union.  

As a Global Ambassador of the G20 Health and Development Partnership, I call upon the G20 leaders, health and finance ministers to incentivize innovative financing models for advancing global health innovation to ensure better health for all.

Paul Ruebig, Member of the European Parliament since 1996 and belongs to the European People’s Party (EPP)

Dr. Paul Ruebig, born in Wels (Upper Austria), has been member of the European Parliament since 1996 and belongs to the European People’s Party (EPP). He is married and has two children.


Paul Ruebig is full member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy and the Committee on Budgets. In addition, he is substitute member of the Committee on Development and in the Committee on International Trade. Furthermore Paul Rübig is member and Vice-Chair of the Delegation for Relations with the Korean Peninsula and substitute member of the Delegation for relations with Switzerland, Norway and the EU-Iceland and the European Economic Area Joint Parliamentary Committee.


Paul Ruebig is very active in the field of the small-scale business promotion. He is president of SME Global, a working group of the International Democrat Union (IDU), whose objective it is to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and to improve their business environment. Since 2014, he has been the Chairman of STOA (Scientific Technology Options Assessment), an official body of the European Parliament that is supported by external experts such as universities, scientists or research institutes.  

Furthermore, he is Co-Chairman of the WTO Steering Committee in the European Parliament, as well as of the WTO Parliamentary Assembly.

My goal as a European lawmaker is to support the connection of the different sectors when it comes to health: Research, innovation, budget and social security systems. With the Science Media Hub, just to mention one example, we implemented a helpful tool for the connection of knowledge within the fields of experts in science. I appreciate this very important Health Initiative within the G20 Partnership - cooperation is the only way to solve global issues and to shape the future of better living together.