“Creating healthcare services to every rural Indian at a distance they can travel, at a cost they can afford and with a dignity they deserve”

Gramin Health Care (GHC) is an inclusive business model that is creating healthcare access in rural India. GHC believes that any healthcare model should go beyond an episode-based aid to creating a continuum of care. It is this idea of value-based healthcare that enables GHC to create an ecosystem in which community remains the core and the continuous focus. Through a technology enabled lean health centre model, GHC today caters to more than 0.45 million citizens in India. Innovative health financing, nurse turned entrepreneurs, and linkages through partnerships are some of the key enablers of this ecosystem. Today more than 300+ nurses run 150+ health centres across the country along with 1000+ community health ambassadors thereby impacting rural livelihoods and in turn creating a circular economy. GHC is partner to various federal governments in India to be an extended arm to the administration in the last-mile delivery of healthcare.

GHC is one of the 11 finalists from across the world (and one of only two from India) for the coveted USAID Health Access Prize. The organization was also one of the finalists for Growth Stage Impact Ventures by UNDP.

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