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This report by the G20 Health and Development Partnership sets out to support the need to invest in human capital in terms of global health. It is a holistic approach that blends economies and health so that wealth and the health of nations are united in a new priority for government, society and the economic actors in the rest of the century.

Lord Jim O'NeillChair, Royal Institute of International Affairs Chatham House London

Endorsements from Global Supporters

You cannot think of the world's most pressing issues without thinking about their inter-relatedness - health and climate change will affect our global economy, will affect people's lives, especially in regions left behind. Therefore, let us broaden our horizon in thinking of innovative partnerships and let us strengthen synergies to reach the sustainable development goals. Migration is a result of war, violence and especially of terrible living conditions in the time of climate change.

Elmar brokMember of the European Parliament

It is predicted that several countries in the G20 will not be able to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development health goals by 2040. I endorse the calls contained within this report calling for cooperation between G20 heads of government, finance - and health ministers to actively promote partnerships and existing and innovative financing models in global health research.

Angela Eagle MPFormer Shadow Minister, Treasury & Member of the European Statutory Instruments Committee, UK House of Commons

In order to achieve the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, this report presents an innovative approach of how gaps in health funding can be tackled by lifting the burden on global economies - We welcome the creation of this report for the G20 Presidency in Japan.

Mitsunari OkamotoMember of the House of Representatives & former Parliamentary Vice - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Japan

I recognise the potential to advance the values of the Commonwealth Charter through collaboration with the G20 Health and Development Partnership in its efforts to ensure advocacy for innovative health financing. Through Commonwealth connection and collaboration, we are able to facilitate the sharing of experience on financing universal health coverage, appreciating the need for mutual support among our member countries on efforts to accelerate universal health coverage so that the needs and priorities of all people living in them can be satisfactorily addressed.

The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QCSecretary General, The Commonwealth

As a Global Ambassador of the G20 Health and Development Partnership, I would like to welcome and support the efforts of this initiative in raising the economic and social impact of some of the world’s deadliest diseases on the G20 heads of government, finance- and health ministers’ agenda.

The Rt Hon. the Lord Jack Cunningham of Felling DLHouse of Lords

As an initial supporter and now as a Global Ambassador of the G20 Health and Development Partnership, I fully support and welcome the recommendations set out to G20 leaders in various reports. I look forward to discussing them in Saudi Arabia in 2020, where NCDs account for 73% of deaths and constitute a major challenge to the national economy.

Professor Abdullah Mohammed AldahmashDirector General, Prince Naif Bin Abdulaziz Health Research Center at King Saud University

My goal as a European lawmaker is to support the connection of the different sectors when it comes to health: Research, innovation, budget and social security systems. With the Science Media Hub, just to mention one example, we implemented a helpful tool for the connection of knowledge within the fields of experts in science. I appreciate this very important Health Initiative within the G20 Partnership - cooperation is the only way to solve global issues and to shape the future of better living together.

Paul RuebigMember of the European Parliament since 1996 and belongs to the European People’s Party (EPP)

The health and well-being of citizens is an essential driver of inclusive economic growth. Bringing health and finance ministries together, enabling international comparison and the exchange of good country practices contributes to the sustainable financing of health systems and the development of better policies for better lives.

Francesca ColomboHead of Health Division, OECD

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We launched the full G20 report on the 5th March, which is now in the hands of our partners around the globe. 

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