Jack Nagy

Programme Manager

Jack Nagy is the Programme Manager of the G20 Health and Development Partnership. In his role, he helps coordinate the work of the Partnership, such as the H20 Digital Dialogue Series as well as engaging with partners and the Partnership’s sub-group on antimicrobial resistance.

Jack joined Sovereign Strategy in 2019, where he works on Sovereign’s health and data portfolios, providing policy updates and engaging with both public and private stakeholders. Prior to joining Sovereign, Jack held two research assistant posts at the University of Liverpool, focusing on voting behaviour in the UK and the merits of lowering the voting age. Whilst at university, Jack co-presented the ‘Politics Hour’ on the student radio, holding weekly discussions on political events globally, with his primary interest and experience being in British party politics. Jack received a Distinction in his MA degree in Political Science (British Politics and the State) from the University of Birmingham, with his thesis focusing on the transforming party-political landscape in the UK.