Theme four

Innovation in Technology for delivering SDG 3 – Opportunities & bottlenecks

Innovation in technology including digital technologies provide a significant opportunity to strengthen UHC 2030 and SDGs by improving access to, and monitoring, sharing and use of, quality data, direct citizen, health worker and government engagement, and by building capacity for rapid response to diseases and public health emergencies including pandemic preparedness. As technological innovation aims to personalise precision medicine to tailor prevention and treatment of individual patients based on their genetic makeup, digital health may play a pivotal role in addressing the growing, ageing global population that is having a profound impact on health spending across the globe, predicted to increase to $9.3 trillion in 2018 alone. With the digital health space encompassing mobile health and telemedicine to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Big Data, there is an enormous opportunity for the catalytic and collaborative R&D in addressing pandemic and natural disaster response, AMR, and NCDs not only in the G20 nations but also in resource-poor settings beyond the G20. Innovation in technology is thus a crucial part of the SDG3 Global Action Plan for healthy lives and well-being for All.

This panel will provide an overview of some of the novel approaches that have harnessed the power of technology including digitization and mobile technologies to healthcare both in pilot phase as well as those that have been successfully scaled up. The panel will discuss the scale and scope, impact, strengths and challenges/bottlenecks of these innovations and their potential to expand coverage and integration with public sector initiatives.