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#EconAMR @anand_bugworks introduces the idea of a global medical infrastructure fund that could be set up to tackle AMR. Could this be an approach to G20 countries?! - interesting discussions from the private sector investment conundrum panel!

#ECONAMR conference commenced. @CMO_England urges to learn from the climate change agenda and level the challenges of AMR to higher political agendas.

Many thanks for the support! #G20HDPreport @novartis_nsb @GHTCoalition @IFPMA @MedsforMalaria @JNJGlobalHealth @followdmi @ARCapacity @UNITAID @lombardodier @CEPIvaccines @FINDdx @GlobalFund @gavi @Goldkeys @PATHtweets @TBAlliance @Columbia @HarvardChanSPH @EndingPandemics

Thank you @nigelmp to share our #G20Innovation4Health report with @MattHancock !

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